My goodness, what a beauty. Guarantee if you were in were in a parking lot full of the latest overland adventure vehicles tricked out with all the 21st century doodads and gizmos, you gravitate towards this timeless metallic brown 1978 Toyota 4×4 Chinook. Read the description, check out the video, MORE HERE:

A true marvel of classic Toyota imagineering. The Toyota Chinook was designed by Toyota and production began in 1973 and ended in 1978. The contract between Toyota and Chinook was for 15,000 units, once all were built, it was the end of an era. They were only built in a 2WD configuration from the factory, on the Toyota Hilux / Pickup Platform. This is a brilliant and one of a kind 1978 Toyota 4×4 Chinook. Completely rebuilt, inside, and out, frame off, engine, interior in 1991 by a fellow Toyota Chinook fanatic, mastermind, and enthusiast here in Oregon.