Former Employee Returns To Abandoned Ski Area (Watch)

Former Employee Returns To Abandoned Ski Area (Watch)


Former Employee Returns To Abandoned Ski Area (Watch)


The Nevele Grand Hotel in Wawarsing, NY was a popular destination for city dwellers to escape to New York’s Catskill mountains throughout the 20th century. Unfortunately, it fell into disrepair, and was closed back in 2009.

A former employee of the Nevele recently returned to the abandoned resort over a decade since it was closed. Many of the structures of the hotel, facilities, and ski hill still stand frozen in time.

He documented his exploration of the resort in an excellent YouTube video with narration of how the resort used to operate.

“I was lucky to have worked at the Nevele hotel back in the 90’s. The ski area was a special place for me growing up. Feel extremely lucky to have grown up when I did!”

It’s always eerie to see an abandoned ski resort. It always hits a little too close to home for my liking. The doomsday possibility of all ski resorts looking like this someday always creep into my mind…😅

Video uploaded to YouTube by: Hear 2 Day Gone 2 Morrow

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