WATCH: Dog Narrowly Escapes Charging Mama Bear

WATCH: Dog Narrowly Escapes Charging Mama Bear


WATCH: Dog Narrowly Escapes Charging Mama Bear


The video below shows a homeowner and her dog having an intense encounter with a bear in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Clayton, Georgia.

The homeowner calls the dog to ‘come’. She slams the door shut just moments before the mama bear comes charging towards them.

Here’s the full description of the incident:

Occurred on May 12, 2022 / Clayton, Georgia, USA

The video is incomplete. It didn’t capture my dog doing what probably saved my life!! I opened the door to let him out (the mountains don’t have leash laws and dogs have free run) and he shoved me out of the way and lunged at the front porch!! My eyes had been focused ahead of me and not straight down…where a mother bear was apparently sitting just outside my door. He chased her off while I stood there in shock. I closed the door, but then began to get worried that she would hurt him if they went back to the area where her cubs were waiting on her (because I’d seen her previously this month with her cubs). So, I opened the door and used the Come command to get my dog to return to me. That’s where the video takes up.”

I’ve seen an opinion online that black bears aren’t actually aggressive. I’ve even some go as far to call them ‘pu**ies’… Yeah… I don’t know bud.

I know black bears aren’t typically as aggressive as grizzlies, but I’d argue that a pissed off mama black bear is scary enough for me to heed caution.

Bears are bears. I don’t f*ck with bears.

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