What To Do If You Encounter A Wolf In Yellowstone (Watch)

What To Do If You Encounter A Wolf In Yellowstone (Watch)


What To Do If You Encounter A Wolf In Yellowstone (Watch)


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I’m proud to share a video of somebody in Yellowstone National Park interacting with the wildlife in a respectful manner!

For once, it’s not a video of some ignorant tourist trying to snap a selfie with a bison or pet an elk. We actually have somebody acting responsibly.

The video below shows a wolf encounter in Yellowstone National Park. It’s quick, but you can see a man at the 35-second mark near the wolf. Here’s the description from BE Judson who captured the video:

“After chasing an elusive deer a Yellowstone wolf detoured up the valley of the Petrified Tree in Yellowstone National Park. The wolf eventually turns onto a trail where a hiker was approaching. Wisely, I could see the hiker was calmly giving the wolf the trail, and he moved off into the adjacent meadow with his right hand on his bear spray cannister. Unnecessarily, thank goodness:)”

I’ve embedded the video to start at the wolf encounter. Again, it’s a quick shot, but very important for education purposes. Good on this hiker for acting so responsibly in this situation!

Interacting With Wolves At Yellowstone National Park:

“What You Can Do

Never feed a wolf or any other wildlife. Do not leave food or garbage outside unattended. Make sure the door is shut on a garbage can or dumpster after you deposit a bag of trash.

Treat wolves with the same respect you give any other wild animal. If you see a wolf, do not approach it.

Never leave small children unattended.

If you have a dog, keep it leashed.

If you are concerned about a wolf—it’s too close, or is not showing sufficient fear of humans— do not run. Stop, stand tall, and watch what the wolf does. If it approaches, wave your arms, yell, flare your jacket. If it continues, throw something at it or use bear pepper spray. Group up with other people, and continue waving and yelling.

Report the presence of wolves near developed areas or any wolf behaving strangely.”

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