Work Has Begun on the Mt. Shasta Ski Park Expansion

Work Has Begun on the Mt. Shasta Ski Park Expansion


Work Has Begun on the Mt. Shasta Ski Park Expansion

By in April, Mt. Shasta Ski Park in California announced plans to expand its lift-serviced skiing up onto Gray Butte. This new terrain pod will add new intermediate runs to Mt. Shasta and gives easier backcountry access to skiers and riders. While the ski area continues negotiations with the county to get the installation of the lift approved, work has begun on the new terrain. The first parts of the fixed-grip quad have arrived on-site, and clearing of the lift line and trails has started on Gray Butte. Mt. Shasta Ski Park told me that Siskiyou County is still reviewing the proposed expansion, but they expect a decision to be announced soon. They aim to open the new lift and terrain for the 2022-23 ski season.

Update 5/19: On Tuesday, Mt. Shasta received approval from the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors for their Gray Butte expansion. Work will begin on their new lift at the beginning of June.

Gray Butte Expansion Stats:

The New Lift: A fixed-grip quad with fourteen towers, and a ride time of ten minutes.

The Terrain: Six new intermediate and advanced trails. The longest run, which will encompass new and old terrain, will be over three miles long. It will go from the top of Gray Butte to the base.

New Skiable Acres: 211

Vertical Rise: 1144′

The Gray Butte expansion is pictured to the left of the Coyote Butte lift

Image Credits: Mt. Shasta Ski Park, Google Earth

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