Turkey Terrorizing Cyclists Near Washington DC (Video)

Turkey Terrorizing Cyclists Near Washington DC (Video)


Turkey Terrorizing Cyclists Near Washington DC (Video)


Gobble gobble b*tch. This turkey is out for revenge for all of his slain brethren of Thanksgiving past.

The turkey has reportedly been attacking people along the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail near Washington DC for months. He’s starting to become a local celebrity of sorts, and it’s only just a matter of time before he’s either given an affectionate nickname or euthanized…

The video below was recorded by De De Florian on April 12th. He told CNN that the bird attacked him on his bike. He escaped, and turn his phone on to capture the bird attacking another cyclist.


I’d like to unofficially name him Terry. Terry The Turkey Terrorist has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?

I really hope that this bird is just left alone. I think having a rouge terrorist turkey gives the trail an exciting amount of danger.

You can’t tell me that you wouldn’t get on your bike in hopes that you at least see this bird out on the trail, right?

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