Bobby Brown you son of a b*tch! You just won’t quit will ya?

I mean you practically broke your back in half earlier this season, but that just wasn’t enough to get you to stop innovating, huh?

Maybe save of the creative genius to progress the sport for the rest of us, okay? 😉

Brown hosted a test event sponsored by Red Bull and GoPro at Winter Park Resort, CO recently. The idea was to create an all-mountain freeride course and let some of the best skiers in the world rip it up.

I’m assuming that Red Bull wanted to test this format before going all-in, and I hope they go through with it next season!

The clips below are soooooo much fun to watch. It’s like watching somebody play a video game in real life. I want more of this. I need more of this. I will have more of this. Even if it means I have to flex my big-boy muscles as a D-List name in the skiing industry.

Don’t make me do it Red Bull! Host an event like this next season!! Please!!!

Bobby Brown Ski: We built a top to bottom all mountain freeride course. We brought 10 riders out and they attempted to capture the best GoPro follows possible. Thank you Red Bull and Winter Park for bringing this to life. Looking forward to building on this for the coming years. Shot on GoPro Hero 10 4k 4:3

Riders: Mac Forehand, Alex Hall, Tanner Blakely, Noah Bowman, Will Berman, Torin Yater-Wallace, Ben Smith, Birk Irving, Hunter Hess, Karl Fostvedt

Filmers: Cedar Palmer, Cole Pates, Peter Brown”