Bison 'Washes' Car In Yellowstone National Park (Video)

Bison 'Washes' Car In Yellowstone National Park (Video)


Bison 'Washes' Car In Yellowstone National Park (Video)


The season of people encountering wild animals in Yellowstone National Park is upon us ladies and gentlemen.

Be prepared for an eventful year ahead as moronic tourists act without common sense in America’s unofficial Wild West Adventure Theme Park.

For once, we actually have a video where it doesn’t appear that the person recording is necessarily doing anything wrong. He or she is simply sitting in their car in what appears to be a parking lot while a bison licks the vehicle.

HOWEVER… pay attention to the bozos who have pulled up in the car behind the bison and rolled their windows down for a better shot. There’s even a lady standing outside of the vehicle around the 1 minute mark!

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I’m at the point now where I think psychologists need to conduct a legitimate study on tourist’s brains while they’re in Yellowstone National Park.

I just can’t make sense of it. These tourists act like they’re on a zoo safari or at a petting zoo, and not in a National Park with real wild animals that could do anything at any moment to harm them…


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