How To Live The Van Life In The Arctic

How To Live The Van Life In The Arctic


How To Live The Van Life In The Arctic


Living The Van Life documents his nomadic adventures in vlog-style videos from the road. He pushes the boundaries of what’s possible for van-dwellers, and shares his tips and tricks with his large following.

I watch his videos from time-to-time, and thought his most recent upload would fit perfectly here on Unofficial Networks.

He drives his kitted out 2020 Mercedes 4×4 Sprinter Van from the PNW to the Arctic Ocean, and documents the entire journey in an awesome video.

Watching it was a great way to start my morning, and I can’t wait for Part 2.

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Living The Van Life: Get all you LTVL swag here. Winter Content has always been a huge hit here on Living The Van Life. This winter season, I just was not satisfied with driving to a snowy parking lot and setting up camp. So instead I decided to see what it would take to live in a van in the extreme climate of the arctic. Join me in part 1 of a 2 part series as I drive my 2020 Mercedes 4×4 Sprinter Van to the Arctic Ocean.

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