Black Bear Enjoys Powder Day At Beaver Creek (Video)

Black Bear Enjoys Powder Day At Beaver Creek (Video)


Black Bear Enjoys Powder Day At Beaver Creek (Video)


Though spring officially continues into its fourth week, the weather continues to fight back and keep things frosty. While that’s a huge positive for skiers here in Colorado, that’s a bit of a negative for the different animals hoping to exit hibernation and experience some sunny mountain warmth. This poor black bear, spotted near the Birds of Prey lift at Beaver Creek, seems to be bit confused by the not so friendly weather.

“It looked like it just woke up, rubbed its eyes, looked around and said ‘where the heck am I?’ I had just enough time to pull out my phone and get some video of it before it was out of my line of sight.” – Eric Phannenstiel according to Vail Daily

Black bears, which can be black, brown, cinnamon, or even blonde, are very rarely aggressive, and tend to run and climb trees when interacting with humans. Colorado Parks and Wildlife provides tons of resources on what to do when interacting with a black bear, but it’s important to stay calm and let the bear run away.

Image Credit: Vail Daily on YouTube

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