On March 22nd, Bode Miller announced on Instagram that on April 6th, an announcement would be made that would cause skiing to take a dramatic new turn. That announcement has now been made, and it’s his ski company Peak Skis.

The company is promising to provide a line-up of direct-to-consumer, all mountain skis for the 2022-23 ski season. The skis feature the trademarked Keyhole Technology, something Miller claims was present in the fastest skis he ever raced on.

Keyhole Technology, which is simply an oval cut into the upper layer of alloy in each ski, supposedly makes varied turn shapes easier on trail and allows the skis to track easier in any sort of backcountry powder or crust. Peak Skis is currently offering fully refundable $50 reservations for all of their current skis, including 88s, 98s, 104s, and 110s. Currently it appears that any of their sets will cost $890.

I’m not an expert on ski technology. I have absolutely no idea how much of a difference Keyhole Technology will actually make. I do, however, trust Bode Miller as a skier, and the company almost certainly appears to be focusing much more on customer satisfaction than anything else. I definitely want to try these things out and maybe demo them for a day.

Image Credit: Peak Skis, Bode Miller