Green Mountain Rippers uploaded a video of a small, but mighty, avalanche that occurred in the backcountry near Smugglers’ Notch, VT.

The video was uploaded to YouTube in July of 2014. The specific day of the incident is not listed.

The slide isn’t much compared to the massive avalanches we see in the Rockies, but it isn’t anything to scoff at. I’m sure it gave these riders a pretty good scare.

Just a friendly reminder that avalanches and slides can occur on the East Coast. Be safe out there, friends.

The slide begins at the 00:25 mark of the video.

GreenMountainRippers: “This Avalanche took place while we were setting up to film some cliff hits in the Smugglers Notch backcountry. The snow pack slid all around us starting about 50 feet above us.”

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