How many ski lifts do you think you’ve ridden throughout your life? If I had to guess my number, I’d say probably somewhere around 30-40, through all 13 lifts at the mountain I grew up at and the lifts at other mountains I’ve visited. 32-year-old Jackson Hole employee Peter Landsman, on the other hand, has reportedly ridden every single ski lift in the United States. That’s 2,381 ski lifts across approximately 480 resorts.

Landsman photographs and reports on every lifts he rides, posting the results on his website, where he provides the lift name, type, manufacturer, years of operation, capacity, vertical rise, length, horsepower, line speed, chairs, towers, drive, tension, ride time, and other notes he thinks are important. His website also covers some news related to the ski world, as well as his favorite photos of ski lifts from the Instagram world.

Most recently, Landsman skied the Hickory ski area in upstate New York, followed by a trip to Saddleback in Maine to ride the new T-Bar. He doesn’t only report on ski resorts, as chairlifts in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Kansas, Alabama, and many more states and territories that lack ski resorts are covered. Working at Jackson Hole with the lift crew, Landsman still manages to ski at 5-10 mountains in a week.

I wish I could say I’ve ridden even 100 lifts throughout my life, let alone 2,381. I would say Landsman’s accomplishment here is pretty darn impressive. Take a moment to think about how many ski lifts you’ve ridden throughout your life? How many of you readers breach 100 lift rides?

Image Credit: Andrew Longstreth, Kitzbühel Tourismus, KitzSki, and Travel Crested Butte on Instagram

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