Jackson Hole Mountain Resort just shared a short film of Blaine Gallivan skiing the resort’s backcountry. The entirety of the film is shot using a high-end drone, and it’s posed as if we’re watching Gallivan from the perspective of a raven flying overhead.

I enjoyed the stunning visuals, and Gallivan’s prowess in the backcountry terrain. This video just scratches the surface of what’s possible using drones.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort: “The raven is an ever-present fixture in the mountains, thriving in high alpine terrain much like skiers and riders. Soaring on thermals amongst pines and peaks alike, the raven is so ubiquitous to these climes that it has garnered a reputation as the reincarnated spirit of mountain adventurers who have passed on. Follow Blaine Gallivan from a bird’s eye view as he flows through the backcountry terrain south of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.*If you plan to ski or ride in backcountry terrain, always have the proper knowledge, a partner, and a plan. Filmed by Dan Gibeau Cinema. Music by VIVIAN.”

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