What’s Your Biggest Pet Peeve When It Comes To Skiing Or Snowboarding?

What’s Your Biggest Pet Peeve When It Comes To Skiing Or Snowboarding?


What’s Your Biggest Pet Peeve When It Comes To Skiing Or Snowboarding?


PSA: Gaper day is the only day of the year where it is ok to use a speaker on the mountain. And if you're going to bring a speaker go big. :

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All of us, and I mean all of us, have at least one thing that drives us absolutely crazy when we’re on the mountain.

Some might be more petty than others, but that doesn’t negate the fact that they drive us insane.

My personal pet peeve is when skiers click their edges together on the lift. It might sound dramatic, but it makes me want to throw something at them for being so god damn stupid.

Like, don’t they know that slamming those metal edges together time and again will damage them? There’s also the chance that your edges scrape off layers of your top sheet.

But hey, what the hell do I know? I’m just a skier who likes to complain on the internet about how other people have fun.

We decided to ask our Facebook followers what their biggest pet peeves are when skiing or snowboarding, and these are their best answers.

My comments are written in non-bolded font.


Josh L: “This is for my Midwest gang – claiming that “once you’ve skied out west” it’s hard to go back to the smaller resorts of the Midwest. Any place you have planks underneath you is a good day, can find great runs and great days everywhere if you look in the right places”

^This dude gets it.

Nathan W: “People having pet peeves about skiing/boarding”

^Whoa there Nathan. No need to go all meta on us…

Andy B: “Rich people leaving there dog poo bags on the hill then you ski over it in the dark.”

^Oddly specific, but valid pet peeve.

Mark V: “Loud crappy rap music in the parking lot.”

^”Dude, do you have Phish from Alpine Valley ’92 on there? No? Let me get the aux cord”

Gabe F: “When I get sick air on a kicker and nobody screams yeewwwww”

^If you get sick air and nobody screams ‘yeeew’ did it even happen?

Jake L: “People not understanding that I’m the best skier on the mountain and that I’m way better than them whilst having more fun as well.”

^G.N.A.R. points awarded.

Dingo M: “When I get snow in my butt crack and feel like I sharted the rest of the day.”

Hey buddy. They make these things called bibs. You should check ’em out so you don’t feel like you sharted your pants all day.

Jim F: “Twin tips spraying snow behind them”

^It’s confirmed. This guy has negative steeze. Twin tips or get flipped off. That’s definitely what I always say and didn’t make that up on the fly…

Ryan C: “The fact that people still differentiate the two!!! We are all just riding the pow!!!”

^One love brotha.

Shawn I: “Companies such as yours that think I give a shit what your opinion is.”

^Did Shawn just own us, or did he actually end up sharing his pet peeve? I think we ended up getting what we wanted out of him, but I’m gonna go cry because he insulted my company. Such a big meany-head.

Jake B: “Let me know if you’re gonna put the fucking bar down.”

^Everybody got that? You better let Jake B know if you’re putting that fucking bar down. He’s not messing around.

Yoshua M: “Nice!! A post where all the most annoying skiiers came together to post!!!”

^You included!! 😊

Matt E: “I’m a lifty and you really do NOT want to know!”

^What kind of shit has Matt seen? I’m curious.

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