Olympian Withdraws Following IOC's Demand That She Use Different Board

Olympian Withdraws Following IOC's Demand That She Use Different Board


Olympian Withdraws Following IOC's Demand That She Use Different Board


^Julia Marino posted with her Snowboard Slopestyle Silver Medal

Julia Marino, a US snowboarder, has withdrawn from the Big Air competition following demands from the International Olympic Committee that she change her board.

Marino rides a board from Prada, a designer fashion brand. The IOC requested that Marino either cover the Prada logo on the board, or find a new board to ride for the Big Air competition. They claimed that Prada is not a legitimate sporting brand.

The IOC defines sporting brands, in part, as “an identification of the manufacturer principally used in the business of manufacturing, providing, distributing and selling sporting goods.”

What’s really frustrating is that the IOC allowed her to ride the board during the Slopestyle competition which she won a silver medal in.

Marino eventually painted over the logo to participate in the Big Air practice runs, but fell twice. That’s when the IOC sent a letter to the Marino, and the US Snowboard team, demanding that she completely cover the logo.

^Marino in her full Prada kit and holding her Prada snowboard

Marino had enough, and withdrew from the competition.

She posted to Instagram expressing her frustration, and explaining why she withdrew from the event:

“For everyone asking, the night before the big air comp the IOC told me they no longer approved my board even tho they had approved it for slope,” “They told me I would be disqualified if I didn’t cover the logo.”

Is anybody else absolutely sick of the IOC? They’re one of the most corrupt corporations on planet Earth, in my opinion.

It’s such a shame that their events showcase the best talent in skiing and snowboarding. I want to stop watching, but I also don’t want to miss the best winter sports athletes on the planet compete.

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^Screenshot of Julia Marino’s Instagram Story

I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody in the IOC is heavily invested in one of Prada’s competitors, and is trying to prevent the brand from getting exposure.

It’s kind of ironic considering more attention is on Prada and Prada Snowboards than ever before.

Congrats to Julia on her Silver Medal, and for her sticking with her sponsor. I’m sure that will pay dividends for her down the line, and it should!

All Images Credit: Julia Marino (@_juliamarino)

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