Avalanche Derails Ski Resort Railway

Avalanche Derails Ski Resort Railway


Avalanche Derails Ski Resort Railway


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An avalanche, caused by heavy snowfall, has derailed a mountain train at Villars Ski Resort in Switzerland. The report, translated from Russian, was posted to Facebook earlier in the week.

Villars Ski Resort is reporting a ‘Considerable Avalanche Risk’ on their website, and the train’s status is listed as ‘In Preparation’ in their lift report.

Here’s to hoping that everybody was okay! Looks sketchy.

Max Rota“В Вилларе вчера выпал снежок, в результате чего, лавина снесла поезд с рельс… Обошлось без жертв. Подъем на Бретай закрыт, по меньшей мере, до пятницы…”

(Translated to English using Google Translate): “Snow fell in Villars yesterday, as a result of which, an avalanche knocked the train off the rails … There were no casualties. The climb to Bretail is closed until at least Friday…”

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