BOURN- Micah Evangelista's Breakthrough Ski Film

BOURN- Micah Evangelista's Breakthrough Ski Film


BOURN- Micah Evangelista's Breakthrough Ski Film


Micah Evangelista (@micahevangelista) is a name you will soon become familiar with. The 23-year-old was born and raised in the shadow of Mt. Baker Ski Area, and his breakthrough ski film ‘BOURN’ is a fantastic introduction to the skiing world.

I hope you enjoy this short film as much as I did. It’s easy to watch, and loaded with big lines, big tricks, and fantastic cinematography.


Micah Evangelista: “The idea of “home” resonates differently for everyone. For some, your hometown can be a place you’re trying to escape from, but for others it has a magnetic pull that can’t be broken.

In this two-year film project, Micah and his mother Julianne reflect on some of the moments and mindsets that have shaped his skiing and his youth. In an entirely foot-powered journey through the Mt. Baker backcountry, he now returns to some of his favorite zones and features with an eagerness to explore them like never before.

A film by Micah Evangelista and Doug Jambor

Featuring: Micah Evangelista, Julianne Evangelista, Sophia Rouches, Cody Cirillo, Lucas Wachs, Hank Kennedy and Cameron Munn

Cinematography: Doug Jambor, Mattias Evangelista, Wiley Kaupas, Tyler Hamlet, Kyle McCarty, Dan Norkunas, George Watts, Wil Drake, Michael Dyrland, Riley Donovan, Thomas Woodson, Anne Cleary

Colorist: Jensen Vinca

Post Sound: Keith White Audio

Title Animation: Hadley Michaels

Produced: Micah Evangelista & Doug Jambor

Supported by: Faction Skis, Outdoor Research, Cast Touring, Mt. Baker Ski Area”


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