Utah Driver Windshield Smashed By Passing Snowplow Spray

Utah Driver Windshield Smashed By Passing Snowplow Spray

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Utah Driver Windshield Smashed By Passing Snowplow Spray


“A big wall of snow came up over the sound wall and crashed into my car, smashing through the windshield. I had glass all over me. I had glass in my hands, I was picking out for several days.”-Brady Bangerter

A Layton, Utah man says a wall of snow and ice thrown up by a passing snowplow crashed onto his car as he drove down a highway last week. KSL reports Brady Bangerter says he was lucky to get away with only a few scratches after the snow and ice fell from the frontage road and down to the highway below. It happened Friday just before noon on Highway-89 where construction is still underway. 

“I didn’t have time to react ahead of time or anything like that”

At first, he saw a bit of snow coming over the wall but he never expected what happened next as snow and ice smashed through his windshield leaving him covered in glass, ice, and snow. He believes it came from a Layton City plow truck that he caught up with soon after. 

On frontage road pictured above you can see where the incline comes close to the top of the sound wall.

“Obviously, it’s brand new construction. The area is not completed yet.”  –Layton Assistant City Manager Steve Garside

Garside explained even though a city plow truck was in the area, contractors along US-89 clear the snow in the area. Garside said it’s important the operators take care to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

“Snow removal through that area is difficult because of how tight the area is.” 

Garside promised the city will work with Bangerter’s insurance company to make sure the damage is covered. According to UDOT, the sound walls are just that and they weren’t designed to block snow and plow drivers should take that into account. 

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