The Instagram post below was captured at a nature preserve in Eastern Russia. It shows a moose narrowly evading the grasps of a hungry bear by running into the water of the Pacific Ocean.

The caption has been translated from Russian to English using Google Translate:

Swimming in the Pacific Ocean turned into an escape.

An interesting scene was observed by the inspectors of the Kronotsky Nature Reserve on the coast of Olga Bay. The main character, an elk, was calmly taking a bath, when suddenly, according to the law of the natural genre, a danger appeared in the form of a hungry bear.

Anna Eliseeva @_anyuta_eliseeva, an employee of the protected areas protection service, describes the situation:

“While painting on the territory of the cordon, the district state inspector Ilya Kudryashov noticed an elk standing in the ocean 300 meters from the cordon. We decided to go to look at it closer. After taking a video and a few photos, I crawled back. For about an hour we watched the animal from the window of the house. The elk was in the water for a long time, and then about 20 minutes stood on the bank and flowed around. When our interest had already faded away, we suddenly noticed how a bear chased with an elk and they ran away from sight. But an hour later the clubfoot returned to the mouth of the Olga River, apparently, the hunt was unsuccessful.”

Tap through the images to see the video of the incident!