Top 10 Most Affordable Ski Resorts According to Holidu

Top 10 Most Affordable Ski Resorts According to Holidu


Top 10 Most Affordable Ski Resorts According to Holidu


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Credit: Schweitzer

We got a pretty neat list here from vacation rental search engine Holidu.

It seems like we’re always talking about how ridiculously expensive it is to ski these days, but the ski resorts in this list are the most affordable when combining average lodging and lift ticket prices.

Note that Holidu has set parameters on the size of the ski resorts in order for them to qualify for this list. 80km of slopes is definitely a European way of measuring the size of a ski resort, but it helps to weed out the smaller ski areas that might not be considered ‘destination resorts’.

That’s clearly a subjective parameter as I’m sure there’s dozens of ski resorts that don’t meet that threshold that people love to ski, but alas I didn’t make this list…

Holidu’s Top Ten Most Affordable Ski Resorts. Price shown is the “Average per person per day; ski pass + accommodation”

1. Powder Mountain, UT= $73.67

2. Schweitzer Mountain Resort, ID= $78.38

3. Mt. Hood Meadows, OR= $103.61

4. Alta, UT= $103.87

5. Purgatory – Durango, CO= $109.9

6. Mt. Baker, WA= $112.44

7. Sugarloaf, ME= $117.65

8. Wenatchee – Mission Ridge, WA= $125.07

9. Mt. Bachelor, OR= $131.96

10. Winter Park Resort, CO= $134.79

Click here to view the full Top 40 list.

Holidu, the search engine for vacation rentals, decided to carry out a study to determine which US ski resorts offer the least expensive trips without having to sacrifice on the slopes this season. To accomplish this, we evaluated the prices of more than 500 ski resorts in the United States, and those with over 80 km of slopes were considered. All this in order to provide you with the most budget friendly ski resorts for the upcoming winter season. To compile the ski price index, we calculated the average price per person per day in both high and low season for the ski pass and accommodations. Stay tuned for our snowiest list this season, and get ready to hit the slopes for some epic trips without needing to break the bank!

Featured Image Credit: Powder Mountain

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