“The Remarkables has got the potential to be a truly world-class, multiple-basin, multiple-valley resort that we only see in places like Europe and North America. There’s nothing of this scale in New Zealand currently.”Paul Anderson, Chief Executive of The Remarkables

The Remarkables is one of the signature ski resorts in all of New Zealand, but it covers a relatively small footprint. Stuff reports that the owners are aiming to radically expand their terrain by adding the currently backcountry Doolans terrain. The terrain will be accessed from the Curvey Basin Chairlift via a tunnel. The tunnel will be skiable and will stretch 230 meters(over 750 feet). This tunnel will be wide enough for a groomer, meaning it won’t be a lift tunnel-like Snowbird’s tunnel(serviced by a magic carpet). The tunnel will connect to the Doolans, which is currently a backcountry skiing experience. The reason for the tunnel is due to it being the most environmentally stable way of conducting the expansion. This terrain would be serviced by a 1.4 km (nearly 4600 foot) chairlift. Infrastructure would also be added, including “snowmaking, power, water and wastewater and amenities buildings.”

A look at some of the terrain on the backside of The Remarkables

The expansion would bring the terrain footprint from 385 hectares(around 950 acres) to 900ha(over 2220 acres). Expansion plans in the near future include the replacement of the Shadow Basin chairlift, and to grow the base lodge buildings by seventy percent. With business being up seventy percent since 2014, the time to expand at The Remarkables is now before it gets too crowded. Image Credits: The Remarkables

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