Did You Know PRADA Made Snow Gear?

Did You Know PRADA Made Snow Gear?


Did You Know PRADA Made Snow Gear?


“Since 1997, Prada Linea Rossa has been inspired by and designed for champions, like Olympic medalist Gus Kenworthy and X Games medalist Julia Marino.”

I had no idea the Italian luxury fashion house Prada has been making ski gear since 1997. Head to toe Prada be a bit out of the price range for your run of the mill ski bum (jacket alone goes for $5,400) but it’s not actually that obnoxious beyond the price and they have a couple of certified rippers representing the brand with Gus Kenworthy and Julia Marino as sponsored athletes.  I wonder if Louboutin makes red bottomed ski boots?

“To front the Linea Rossa Fall/Winter 2021 ski campaign, Prada turns to those who reflect this ongoing heritage of excellence – pioneers and champions, free-thinkers who push themselves beyond. For the second time Gus Kenworthy features in a Prada Linea Rossa campaign joined by another leading global figure in winter sports – the American snowboarder Julia Marino. Captured in still images and a filmic short directed by Matt Pain, Kenworthy and Marino engage in a fierce battle across the slopes, a race between skier and snowboarder on their shared winter terrain. Their competition, however, harks back to the original root of that word – competere, ‘to strive for.’ Not a rivalry, but a sparring match, an urging of one another to push further and achieve. The ethos of champions, the attainment of excellence synonymous with Linea Rossa – a line to cross, to conqueror.”


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