“We’re looking forward to welcoming the 2021/22 winter season and will be ready to jump into action whenever Mother Nature decides to cooperate.
Think snow!”

Bummer news for all you Steamboat diehards, the iconic Colorado ski resort just announced has delayed its opening to Nov. 27 due to an unseasonably warm fall:

“Anyone who has been in Steamboat, or has been anxiously watching our mountain cameras, knows that mother nature hasn’t been cooperating this pre-season. Normally this time of year we have more than 20 inches of snowfall- that has remained (not melted), a 10-20 inch mid-mountain base and 200 hours of snowmaking under our belt. This year we haven’t been able to capitalize on extended snowmaking temperatures and windows, with only 8 hours of total snowmaking. While our mountain crews have done an incredible job of pulling every magic trick out of the hat, reality is that our slopes are not ready to welcome skiers and riders.” – VP of Resort Operations Dave Hunter

Steamboat is optimistic about favorable snowmaking conditions this week and are confident in the November 27th start for operations. Anyone who had reservations between Nov. 20 and Nov. 26 should contact Steamboat Central Reservations.