Chicks can street ski too, ya know!

Sarah Hoefflin just dropped an awesome quick street skiing part that was a blast to watch. I immediately made comparisons to those classic street skiing videos made by JP Auclair (RIP) and Tom Wallisch in previous years.

I love to see badass female skiers getting opportunities to shine, and Moitié-Moitié was an excellent way for Hoefflin to show off her skills.

I’m sure many young boys and girls across the world are going to be inspired by her for years to come, and I don’t know about you, but that makes me feel really good!


Monster Energy: “Moitié-Moitié, meaning half-and-half, is the name of the traditional Swiss fondue awaiting Sarah after a long journey descending through alleyways, over rooftops and under trains to reach her dinner reservation on time. Taking inspiration from the late J.P. Auclair’s iconic street segment from All.I.Can. by Sherpas Cinema and Imagination by Tom Wallisch, Moitié-Moitié is Sarah Hoefflin’s take on freestyle skiing through the adorable Swiss ski town of Leysin. “