The news is often filled with a whole lot of negativity and disastrous events. In the days of COVID-19, climate change, and a steamy political climate, it can be refreshing to have a dose of positivity injected into our day. This includes the story of Naomi Pascal who lost a beloved teddy bear in Glacier National Park in the fall of 2020. A year later, the six-year-old has been reunited with her bear.

According to a report from AP News, Naomi Pascal received this special bear from her parents right before she was adopted from an Ethiopian orphanage. On a family trip to Glacier National Park in October of 2020, the bear was misplaced. To make matters worse, snow rolled in the evening the bear was lost making a rescue operation unlikely.

A ranger located the bear when the snow melted in the spring of 2021. Instead of discarding the bear, he put the stuffed animal on the dashboard of his ranger vehicle. Addie Pascal, Naomi’s mother, made some social media posts asking for help locating the lost bear. The posts were widely shared and circulated. When a family friend went to the National Park in September, she coincidentally spotted the bear on the dashboard of the ranger vehicle.

Naomi was reunited with the bear and was thrilled. Nice work everyone.

Images From: Of Today Facebook Page, Glacier National Park Facebook Page