Tahoe Woman Mauled By Bear Inside Her Home

Tahoe Woman Mauled By Bear Inside Her Home


Tahoe Woman Mauled By Bear Inside Her Home


“I was frightened, I was terrified. I was absolutely terrified and it takes a lot to terrify me.”

Thankfully this 66 year old woman from North Lake Tahoe is okay after going toe to toe with a black bear who broke into her cabin. KTLA reports Laurel-Rose Von Hoffmann-Curzi encountered the black bear in her kitchen Saturday morning in the act of rummaging through her freezer.

“There was a light from the freezer shining on the bear, and he was heaving frozen food out onto the floor.”

Before she could retreat into her bedroom the bear attacked.

“What I saw was a paw, and I couldn’t see, I was just being torn. I couldn’t see what exactly was happening.”

The bear eventually relented and exited her home. Von Hoffmann-Curzi’s body was covered in blood, bruises and puncture wounds. Wildlife officials collected forensic evidence from the bite wounds in hopes of getting a DNA profile of the bear and set up a trap near the victim’s home. If they trap a bear that matches the DNA profile it will be euthanized, if not it will be released.

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