AXALP is an annual airshow in which the Swiss Airforce invites spectators to watch their planes go through a series of live fire training exercises. The event takes place above the Swiss ski town of Axalp.

Spectators have to take a bus ride on a high mountain pass, ride a chairlift, and then hike the remaining 1000 vertical feet to catch a glimpse of the planes in action.

Looks like it would be an awesome way to spend a few hours. Imagine just sitting on top of a mountain watching fighter jets shoot stuff while you sip a cold beverage and eat a meal? Sounds awesome to me.

Elwyn R:“THE GREATEST AVGEEK SHOW ON EARTH: SWITZERLAND’S AXALP LIVE-FIRE DEMO Axalp is, in my humble opinion, very likely the best air show on earth, although the Swiss Air Force will be quick to tell you that it’s not really an airshow, rather, it’s a live-fire training exercise to which the public is invited. It’s officially named Fliegerschiessen Axalp, which translates to Air Force Live Fire Axalp. It’s an exercise that’s held on top of a mountain in the Swiss Alps, uphill from the ski town of Axalp. Attendance requires getting to Switzerland, a long drive, a bus ride that’s almost as exciting as the show itself, a chairlift ride, then a hike up the last 1,000 vertical feet. I want to thank the Swiss Air Force for fantastic flying. we got two Day’s of glorious weather but lost the last Day due to poor weather! I love your country and will return to Axalp next year. cross fingers!! Elwyn R”