Not sure if these guys were dropped on their heads as children, or the Bud Lights were really adding up that night, but either reason still doesn’t excuse them for feeding a bear…

I sometimes wonder if people who feed bears are so ignorant that they think they’re actually helping the animal out, or they just don’t give a shit and want to feed it for ‘clout’ on social media?

I’m sorry to be so negative this Monday morning, but I feel a slight obligation to write about this video in order to deter people from feeding bears in the future.

You should NEVER feed a wild bear. Feeding them begins the domestication process and will ultimately get them killed somewhere down the line.

The guy mentions in the video description below that they were charged by the bear shortly after this was recorded. No shit. Again. DON’T FEED THE GOD DAMN BEARS.

Just turn your brain on and enjoy watching the bear from a safe distance the next time you encounter one, and again, don’t feed them! Please?!

“Occurred on November 6, 2021 / Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, USA “Some friends and I were hanging out at the top of the Smokies Mountains at our cabin. I heard footsteps behind me and the bear was about 10 feet from me. I started recording and feeding the bear some food. My friend Nick grabbed a biscuit and I told him to hand feed the bear, surprisingly the bear took the biscuit like a dog, then shortly after the video ended I got charged by the bear. Luckily nobody was hurt.” “