The National Ski Areas Association has released a document with some state-by-state statistics regarding ski areas. There are 462 ski areas in these United States and some of these statistics are pretty interesting

-New York has the most ski areas with 49 followed by Michigan’s 39. Colorado and Wisconsin tie for third place with 31 each.

-There are two new ski areas. Skeetawk in Alaska and Kingvale Snow Schoolers in California.

-Seven ski areas have re-opened after previously ceasing operations. All of these resorts are in the midwest and east. Notable reopenings include Saddleback in Maine, Timberline in West Virginia, and the exclusive Hermitage Club in Vermont.

-Alabama’s Cloudmont Ski Area has not opened since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

-Despite having more mountain ranges than any other state, Nevada only has four ski areas.

-In the Smokey Mountains, Ober Gatlinburg is Tenessee’s only ski area. North Carolina has six.

-The Upper Midwest is a hotbed of skiing. With Michigan’s 39 ski areas, Minnesota’s 20, and Wisconsin’s 31, the density of ski areas in a relatively small space is impressive. We expect to see a mass exodus out of Salt Lake City and Denver and a huge influx of people moving to Michigan.

This is pretty interesting stuff. It is encouraging to see the reopening of old ski areas. Long live the local ski hill.

Images From: Minnesota Ski Areas Association, Saddleback Maine Facebook Page