WATCH: Aurora Dances Above Alaskan Sky

WATCH: Aurora Dances Above Alaskan Sky


WATCH: Aurora Dances Above Alaskan Sky


I just can’t get enough videos and pictures of the aurora. My mind is just absolutely blown that people are fortunate to see it on a regular basis.

I really gotta make the trip up to Alaska ASAP and not leave until I see an aurora show like this. Anybody know somebody who knows somebody that can make that happen for me? Your favorite ski blogger?

I also wouldn’t mind if there was skiing involved while I was up there. I mean, might as well if I’m gonna travel all the way to Alaska, right? 😉

“Occurred on October 12, 2021 / Fairbanks, Alaska, USA This video shows the auroras dancing in their full glory! We have auroras every clear night throughout the dark months (from August until May). Sometimes, on really active nights such as this, they zoom around the sky changing colors and dance happily above our town! This shows the auroras in real-time, no time lapses or long exposures of any kind, which requires special low-light sensitive cameras to achieve! Seeing the auroras in real-time is something I love to share, and I hope to give others an idea of what the Alaskan sky is capable of doing!”

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