Dog Confronts Cougar In Backcountry

Dog Confronts Cougar In Backcountry


Dog Confronts Cougar In Backcountry


Think your dog is the goodest boy/girl in the world? Do you think he or she would try to protect you from a wild cougar you encountered in the Canadian backcountry? Mine most definitely wouldn’t… 🤣

Now, I don’t really know what proceeded the recording of this video, but it appears this guy’s black lab is trying to protect him from a wild cougar in the Canadian backcountry. Definitely not advisable to get this close to a wild cougar, but I’m sure this guy was trying to get his dog to safety.

Notice the guy’s shadow. He’s sticking his arms up in the air to make himself appear larger and he screams/makes loud noises to scare off the cougar. What an intense and scary moment this must have been for him.

I love how his dog seems completely unfazed. He’s protecting his owner, and that’ why dogs are man’s best friend!

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