Whitefish Resort is in the midst of a transformative period. The Hellroraring Basin Project that began in 2020 is going full steam ahead this offseason. In 2020, various trails and the new Chair 8 liftline were cut, and existing trails were regarded. This summer saw the move of Chair 8 to its new location, which services some of the new trails. Below is a video of the new construction, along with a newer and older trail map comparison where you can notice all the new trails.

The older 2014 map
The latest trail map in 2020, showcasing the new trails

In the middle of Chair Eight’s relocation and completion, Whitefish is preparing their project for the next offseason: the installation of the Chair Four lift from the base. Currently, the bases Chair Four only goes to the mid-mountain. While the base village has a high-speed lift, the adjacent base area does not have one. The base terminal will start at the base area, and end at the top of Inspiration Ridge, giving access to most of the upper mountain terrain, including the south ridge of Hellroaring Basin. Grading will happen on various trails around the new lift next summer to improve the skiing. The video below shows off the logging that has been done to clear the lift line for construction of the lift, which will commence next summer.

Click here to see the full details about the Chair Four and Eight projects.
“The new Chair 4 lift line is cut and ready for installation next summer!
The Chair will start where the beginning of the Magic Carpet currently is. The lift will then go to the left of the barn, cut across Bad Rock and Corkscrew before splitting Ptarmigan Bowl and Big Face up to the left of Inspiration Ridge! Check out this sweet flyover from GravityShots.

Image/Video Credits: Whitefish Mountain Resort, Skimap.org

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