'Mixtape' By Benshi Creative Is The Skiing/Snowboarding Film I've Been Waiting For

'Mixtape' By Benshi Creative Is The Skiing/Snowboarding Film I've Been Waiting For


'Mixtape' By Benshi Creative Is The Skiing/Snowboarding Film I've Been Waiting For


My favorite scene from the film. Loved the vibes captured here.

I’ve had this longing desire to make a ski movie for a really long time, but I possess literally no experience in filming. I have about as much skill as a modern-day 6 year old on an iPad when it comes to editing. It’s enough to get by for quick little social media videos, but certainly not enough to make a full-fledged professional production.

I’ve been thinking it would be incredible if I could put something out there that combines a variety of music overlaid with stunning visuals of skiing and snowboarding to tell a story without really telling one, if you know what I mean?

I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to doing something as big and bold as that, and thankfully I don’t necessarily have to.

That’s because Benshi Creative has captured that essence in their project- ‘Mixtape’.

This film perfectly encapsulates that vibe of storytelling I’ve been searching for in a ski movie using different music and editing techniques that seem to blend together effortlessly. I thoroughly enjoyed going along this 16-minute ride of emotions, inspiring tracks, and hard-hitting skiing and riding.

I love how this is a ski movie, but it isn’t at the same time. I felt emotionally invested in the skiers and riders thanks to the snazzy editing and an excellent soundtrack selection.

Hope you enjoy this masterpiece from Sweet Protection and Benshi Creative as much as I did!

Benshi Creative: Benshi Creative’s newest ski film MIXTAPE Directed by: Alex D’Agostino Caleb Chicoine Featuring: Jake Hopfinger Parkin Costain Jonnie Merrill Wiley Miller Zach Masi Ben Goertzen Lexi Dupont Ryland Bell Connor Overly Thanks to our sponsors: Sweet Protection Line Skis Black Diamond Bomb Snow Magazine Cinematography: Alex D’Agostino Caleb Chicoine Still Photography: Jonathan Finch Edited by: Alex D’Agostino Colored by: Caleb Chicoine VFX: Will Bachman Chase Deopsomer Intro Animation and Titles: Annika Danenhauer Sound: Jeff Yellen Ridgeline Sound Poster Art: Sloane Gordon Additional Cinematography: Ben Goertzen Additional Editing: Sam Saarel Voice Over: Maria Drangel MUSIC: “Laugh” Cartoon Graveyard Composed Piece By: Max Clark Maxed Out Studios “Love Is All” Tallest Man On Earth Courtesy Of Bank Robber Music and Secretly Publishing ACTORS: Seth Brandhagen LeAnn Brandhagen James Hope Cartoon Graveyard Ashlyn Varga

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