Bogus Basin is quickly becoming one of Idaho’s most popular ski resorts due to one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, Boise, being a forty-minute drive away. To counter the growing crowds, Bogus Basin worked on improving various facets of the mountain during the offseason before the season starts on Thanksgiving. According to KTVB, these improvements included a paved parking lot (adding two hundred parking spaces), brush cutting to add more tree skiing terrain, doubling the number of snowmakers/snowmaking equipment, lodge improvements, and more lift chairs to increase capacity. A news video from KTVB 7, details the offseason changes, along with a fascinating insight into the ski resorts’ future.

The big story is the potential future expansion of the mountain. The expansion will bring the scope of Bogus Basin to over three thousand acres(based on their current acreage, this potential expansion could be around a four hundred acre increase). General Manager Brad Wilson said the following about the project: “It’s a combination of a mile and a half green trail you could ski into, five blue trails, two black trails, and then a ton of tree skiing a lot of steeper terrain over here. So it’s almost a small ski resort within itself.” Based on where Wilson pointed to on the map, below are two areas where the expansion could happen on the backside of Deer Point(Bogus Basins summit). It’s hard to tell exactly where the trails will be though, as the master development plan has yet to be released to the Forest Service. The terrain expansion won’t happen for a couple more years according to the resort, but it’s cool to see Bogus Basin plan big when it comes to their future.

Potential terrain on the backside of Deer Point (Bogus Basin)
Potential tree skiing in this new terrain

Image/Video Credits: Bogus Basin, KTVB, Google Earth

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