Actor Orlando Bloom Encounters Great White Shark On Paddleboard

Actor Orlando Bloom Encounters Great White Shark On Paddleboard


Actor Orlando Bloom Encounters Great White Shark On Paddleboard


Didn’t think I’d ever have to write about actor Orlando Bloom encountering a great white shark off the coast of southern California on his paddleboard, but with today’s technology and media I honestly shouldn’t be surprised.

YouTube channel TheMalibuArtist was filming great white sharks and dolphins off the coast of southern California by drone when he happened to meet actor Orlando Bloom on the beach.

Bloom paddled out and the drone pilot captured a juvenile great white shark swimming near the actor for a few minutes. Kind of interesting to hear in the narration that Bloom couldn’t see the shark from his vantage point on the board, but the drone was easily able capture the shark’s ominous shadow.

I’ve embedded the video to start right at Bloom is introduced, but I encourage you to watch the whole video. This guy’s narration of shark and dolphin behavior was really interesting when overlaid with the incredible drone footage.

TheMalibuArtist“This week, I film several white shark & human encounters including a pod of dolphins that swim right between the sharks and the humans. I also meet actor Orlando Bloom and record his close up encounter with a large juvenile white shark. It’s more clear to me now than ever that humans and white sharks can coexist peacefully in Southern California waters. DISCLAIMER: I’m NOT a marine biologist or naturalist. As with all YouTube content, I encourage independent verification of facts via official scientific and trustworthy sources. I will strive to post citations for any information I discuss here whenever possible. My goal is to use photography and drones to bring awareness to wildlife and the nature around us. I welcome collaborations with scientists to bring cinematic elements to the educational presentation. For all footage licensing inquiries please reach out directly to me via the contact form on my website. “

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