VIDEO: Arbor Snowboards Real Wood Topsheets Explained

VIDEO: Arbor Snowboards Real Wood Topsheets Explained


VIDEO: Arbor Snowboards Real Wood Topsheets Explained


If you’ve ever admired an Arbor Snowboards trademark wooden topsheet you will appreciate this mini-documentary about  their 25 year history and connection to an Ohio based veneer company. Arbor has a deeply loyal following, if you know an Arbor rider make sure to forward this along:

For over 25 years Arbor Snowboards have been built using real wood topsheets. We call our tops Powerplys because they don’t just provide a beautiful, mindfully crafted finish, they significantly improve both the performance and durability of our snowboards. The Powerply works like a third composite layer; additional natural and biodegradable fibers allow us to reduce the weight of our boards, and our reliance on petroleum-based resins, man-made fibers, and solvents.

Since day one, Arbor’s partner in the development and production of our Powerply topsheets has been Ohio based, M.Bohlke Veneer Corp.  This family-owned business has been supplying veneer to the wood products world for 55 years. Bohlke works tirelessly alongside our development team to identify the right species of sustainably sourced wood veneer for each design. Working with Bohlke allows us to continually improve the process of adapting wood veneer into the Arbor Powerply. Their knowledge of the unique, intrinsic value of each species, and their direct connection to the environmentally friendly harvesting practices of the landowners they work with, is essential to our overall mission and our ability to confidently endorse the sustainability of our Powerplys.

Since we were founded, our mission has remained unchanged – deliver responsible progression by blending forward thinking design and craftsmanship with sustainable material and production methods. Working alongside three generations of the Bohlke family has underpinned our ability to deliver on that mission. Wood ties together the craftsmanship and sustainability cornerstones of the Arbor brand. Bohlke stands at that intersection proving year-in and year-out that people make the difference.

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