SkiMo racing is on the rise in North America. SkiMo, also known as ski mountaineering racing or randonnee racing, has been on the rise in North America in recent years. The sport has roots in Europe where they have embraced this skinsuit-laden activity for a long time.

SkiMo racing is a race up and over mountains. Racers use climbing skins, ultra-light gear, and insane cardio fitness to climb, traverse, and ski down mountains. These skiers travel light and transition between climb and ski mode very quickly. Since much more time can be gained on the ascent, they focus on gear and skills to get them to the top of the mountain more quickly. Ripping turns down the backcountry terrain is not a focus point for these athletes.

The freeride crowd in North America has had a lot of fun with the rise of SkiMo. For skiers and snowboarders who like shredding deep snow, dropping cliffs, or attempting challenging lines, it might be hard to wrap your head around SkiMo racing. Watching people in tights doubled over at the waist trying to ski downhill on skis as wide as toothpicks might be a bit puzzling.

Images from: Ski Mountaineering Competition Canada Facebook Page