WATCH: Golf Ball-Sized Hail Hammers Brand New RV

WATCH: Golf Ball-Sized Hail Hammers Brand New RV


WATCH: Golf Ball-Sized Hail Hammers Brand New RV


Golf ball-sized hail - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Golf ball-sized hail from Australian storm in January 2020 shown for perspecitve. Credit: ABC

Well, I sure hope these RV owners had some decent insurance for their new purchase…

A couple near Cadillac, MI got caught in a monster hail storm a couple of weeks ago that pelted their new RV with golf ball-sized hail. You can clearly hear and see the hail hitting the road and windshield of the vehicle. Crazy!

Probably not ideal to get a bunch of dents in their new RV, but mother nature is just as unpredictable in the summer as she is in the winter.

You just never know what the hell she’s going to throw at you.

Good on them for pulling over and waiting out the storm. There’s no need to be whipping a monstrous RV around in conditions like that.

“This happened 30 miles south of Cadillac MI. on hwy 131….on Sept 7th. This was the same storm that produced grapefruit-size hail in Wisconsin. It was our maiden voyage in our new RV! The hail was so loud, and it really looked like the storm would produce a tornado. We were all caught off guard and had to shelter in place on the freeway (note the large 5th wheel that tears through the video and the hail!) Listen carefully, and you can hear me screaming!”

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