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Cochrans Ski Area

Ski season is around the corner, and that has me feeling nostalgic. Help me celebrate the coming snow by reading an ode I wrote to small ski hills. Hope you enjoy!

There was a time before fancy lodges, and tall peaks-

Time for skiing, for laughs, for fun-

Before our sport became chic.

Skiing was meant to ilicit feelings and emotions- 

Skiing was experiencing winter, away from the commotion. 

An escape to a world different from one’s own was all that was desired-

For this reason, any small ski hill was admired.

Now we discuss which mountains the largest, the tallest, the best-

We remiss for forgetting our beloved small hills-

They hold the story of our tradition, from East to West.

We must keep skiing small for fear of traditions lost-

We must keep skiing small for preservation of our ideals-

That is, skiing for all, at a reasonable cost.

In a year of uncertainty, we should remember our sport’s beginning-

We earn for turns, anywhere we can find lifts spinning.

Tyrol Basin Ski and Snowboard Area

Featured Image: Suicide Six Ski Area. Courtesy: Woodstock, VT

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