Hans Wants To Dance (Hilarious Short Film)

Hans Wants To Dance (Hilarious Short Film)

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Hans Wants To Dance (Hilarious Short Film)


Hans just wants to dance at bar in Jackson Hole, but gets shut down by Covid-19. He then realizes that skiing isn’t about the dancing, it’s about the skiing! 😆

This video is still relevant heading into this next season, but I hope we never see a full shutdown again. May the après rage on!

Check out this funny short film from filmmaker Ben Moscona.

Ben Moscona: “Hans wants to party and COVID-19 is getting him down. In a dream, he realizes that the party is really outside.

Directed by Ben Moscona
Story by Luca Doehling
Assistant Camera: Jake Burchmore
PA: Grifen Moller
Costume Design: Kat Jacaruso
Hans: Benny Drew
Hans’ Lover: Lin Heffner
Caite Zeliff as “Do you even have a map”

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