Can You Identify Mountain Lion Tracks?

Can You Identify Mountain Lion Tracks?


Can You Identify Mountain Lion Tracks?


Would you know a mountain lion track if you saw one? 

There is no doubt that mountain lions are one of the more frightening animals in nature. Adult male mountain lions, often commonly referred to as cougars, can weigh up to 180 pounds while a female can weigh up to 130. Not scared yet? According to, these animals can run up to 50 miles per hour and leap 15 feet up a tree. Imagine the fury of a common house cat, but ten times heavier and built of pure muscle.

While encountering a mountain lion in nature is quite rare, it can be interesting to look for their tracks. Knowledge is power and it is useful to know if you are running, riding, or hiking in cougar territory. A mountain lion track looks quite similar to that of a large dog at first glance but has some important differences.

Images from: Mountain Lion Facebook Page, Wikipedia

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