House Wrapped In Industrial Aluminum Foil Survives Caldor Fire

House Wrapped In Industrial Aluminum Foil Survives Caldor Fire


House Wrapped In Industrial Aluminum Foil Survives Caldor Fire


As the Caldor fire swiftly swept through California, there have been a huge number of photographs surfacing depicting burnt houses, torched businesses, and decimated forests. The destruction caused by this fire is heart-wrenching and far-reaching.

One resourceful and industrious homeowner named Eric Raymond covered his cabin near Sierra-at-Tahoe ski resort with industrial-sized aluminum foil. As the fire approached, this quick-thinking and crafty homeowner affixed the material to the exterior of the cabin. It effectively covered the entire structure.  As many other cabins in this densely forested area were destroyed, the foil-wrapped cabin survived.

Contrary to the initial reports, this was good ol’ aluminum foil that came in large spools, not a specialized product.

According to Firehouse, another product is available that is an industrial-grade version that has an aluminum exterior with a nylon and polyester-woven interior. The layers are bonded with an adhesive designed to sustain extremely high temperatures. This material is attached to a structure with staples…lots of them.

The United States Forest Service has been using this specialized version for quite some time to protect historic buildings during wildfires. That said, homeowners have been catching on in recent years and account for a substantial portion of the market for this product. Firezat is a company that produces this fire-resistant foil. It comes in large rolls measuring 5′ x 200′. That is enough to cover 1000 square feet of your structure. Yes, it does sell for nearly $700 per roll, but that seems like a relatively small price to pay for a product that could help save your home.

Images from: US Forest Service – Sierra National Forest Office Facebook Page, New York Post, Firezat



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