Why Didn't Mountainboarding Take Off?

Why Didn't Mountainboarding Take Off?


Why Didn't Mountainboarding Take Off?


The rise of snowboarding in the 1990s brought a plethora of new trends to the snowsports industry. We can thank snowboarding for the introduction of terrain parks, a new style of snow apparel, and urban-style snow riding.

One snowboarding-inspired sport that did not enjoy the same level of mainstream success was “Mountainboarding”. For the youngsters who might not be familiar, a Mountainboard is essentially an off-road skateboard with straps to hold your feet down. It looks like plenty of fun and has all of the elements of modern extreme activity. Perhaps it was simply too gnarly for the masses?

At any rate, let’s sit back and enjoy some good ol’ Mountainboard shredding with a dose of Black Sabbath.

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