Snowmobile Crashes Through Ice on Great Lake

Snowmobile Crashes Through Ice on Great Lake


Snowmobile Crashes Through Ice on Great Lake


The moment the snowmobiler falls through the ice (00:21)

A bystander captured the terrifying moment a snowmobiler broke through the ice near Bruce Peninsula National Park (Canada) on Lake Huron.

Why people think riding a snowmobile on any of the Great Lakes is a great idea, I’ll never know. You could tell me that ice was 50′ deep, and I’d still be sketched out.

I was glad to read in the video description that the snowmobiler was medevac’d out to a hospital. Scary stuff, eh?

Spelunkyification: “After having this video unlisted for over a year now I have decided to list it as no identifying information is given about those involved in the accident, never a good idea to snowmobile in thin, great lake ice. The gentleman in the water was rescued with the assistance and amazing response time of the North Bruce Peninsula Fire Department and an Orange Medivac helicopter team who were able to land on the rocky Bruce Peninsula Shores.”

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