6 Frightening Facts To Feed Your Fear Of Rattlesnakes

6 Frightening Facts To Feed Your Fear Of Rattlesnakes


6 Frightening Facts To Feed Your Fear Of Rattlesnakes


If you are an outdoor enthusiast in the US of A, there is a decent chance that you regularly venture into rattlesnake territory. People have different levels of tolerance for these creatures. Some people are quite comfortable encountering these legless critters. Other folks have nightmares about snakes and will go to great lengths to avoid rattlesnake habitats.

A wise person once said, “knowledge is power”. These fun facts will either help you appreciate these misunderstood reptiles or they could fuel your nightmares for a couple of weeks. Thanks to Live Science for these fun facts.

-Rattlesnakes only eat once every two weeks. If you encounter a “rattler” on the trail, there is a good chance it isn’t ready for a meal.
-Rattlesnake rattles are made from keratin, a type of protein found in human skin and fingernails/toenails. This is a nice fact to bond over should you find yourself needing to strike up a conversation with a snake.
-Rattlesnake fangs are hinged. When the mouth is closed, their fangs tuck away neatly and they sit flat in the mouth. When the snake opens its mouth, the fangs “unfold” into position. This is frightening any way you spin it.
-They can swim. Yes, this is truly terrifying.
-Rattlesnakes can be active at night. In hot climates, they will find a cooler, shady spot during the blistering daytime hours. While they are not considered to be a nocturnal animals, rattlesnakes can be quite active in the evening when the sun goes down.
-Baby snakes are still dangerous. While rattlesnake venom volumes increase with age, baby snakes still have enough venom to be dangerous.

These facts only scrape the surface about these slithery snakes. Perhaps the next time you encounter a rattlesnake you will have a new respect. Alternatively, you may have a panic attack. The choice is yours.

Images from: Rattlesnake Renegades Facebook Page


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