My jealousy of people who can build things is unparalleled by any other group of humans. Having the ability to convert, build, construct, or fabricate anything your heart desires must be the ultimate skill to possess.

Like this guy who converted an old Chevy Geo Tracker into an effective groomer using some old cat tracks and, what appears to be, a homemade sled that he drags behind the vehicle. Amazing.

If I had his skills I would turn into the ultimate skiing mad-scientist. You’d probably see all kinds of goofy contraptions on my property that I made from scrap and god knows what. But, alas, I have the brain of inept child when it comes to using tools and the like.

I’m better suited to create using my fingers, a keyboard, lots of energy drinks, and occasional humor that probably only makes 12% of people laugh. Sometimes you just have to know what you’re good at, and what you’re not.

Kudos to him for his creation, and a tip of the cap for ghost riding his whip to show it off. I just wish we had a video of him ripping this bad boy at fast speeds. Now that would be amazing…

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