Should Pikes Peak Receive National Park Status?

Should Pikes Peak Receive National Park Status?


Should Pikes Peak Receive National Park Status?


 “What stands out about Jim Strub isn’t that he’s 92 years old, it’s the bold vision he has for the future of America’s Mountain.”

Interesting story about a Colorado Springs man who heads a group that is preparing a proposal for the National Park Service to make Pikes Peak a national park. Jim Strub has been hard at work on the idea for the past year with a small group of people who also are interested in the status change.

KRDO13 reports they argue that the mountain’s proximity to a major city, the new visitors center at the summit, the Pikes Peak Highway and the current effort to complete a trail system around the Peak make the popular tourist attraction perfect to operate as a national park. They also believe under the Park Service, Pikes Peak would offer more recreational opportunities to the public than are currently allowed under the Forest Service’s jurisdiction.

Strub plans to finish his proposal and submit it to the Park Service soon; he hopes the next step will be for Congress to fund a study of the idea:

“It would take a few years for anything to happen. But it won’t happen unless there’s widespread support for it.”

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