Police Siren GIFs | Tenor

Just found this video of a couple of guys getting their passes pulled for ducking the rope on a deep day at Alpental nearly a decade ago. Not sure why, but watching some good ol’ fashioned rope ducking and ski patrol action is really getting my winter juices flowing.

This video looks like it was filmed with the original GoPro, but the content is actually pretty decent. Looks like they scored some sweet turns before getting their passes yanked by the ski patroller at the bottom.

We don’t condone ducking ropes here at Unofficial Networks if the rope ducking could lead to an avalanche that would hurt somebody or worse, but ya know we’re all guilty of the crime.

Just don’t be an idiot about it, and don’t act like an ass when ski patrol pulls your pass. Ducking ropes for powder stashes is a high risk, high reward activity. Definitely not advisable.

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