Brown Bear Attacks Wolf Den Full of Pups

Brown Bear Attacks Wolf Den Full of Pups


Brown Bear Attacks Wolf Den Full of Pups


A trail cam captured the moments a brown bear destroyed a wolf den filled with pups. It took the bear about 30 minutes to dig through the den.

Kind of a sad video considering a bunch of wolf pups died, but that’s just the circle of life I guess. It’s also super rare to see something like this caught on a HD video camera.

Here’s a more detailed description from the owner of the video:

The brown bear discovered the wolf den and began destroying it. Extirpation of that by the bear took half an hour. It looks like the parent wolves were observing the bear’s action from aside, but they were afraid to approach the bear and attack it. Right after the bear has gone the parent wolves came to the extirpated den. They looked scared. After some shy and careful inspection of the den-site, the parent wolves left the place and came back there only at night. Also, they returned to the den-site few more nights, tried to dig and investigated the burrow-den inside and searched for their pups. Plausibly, the pups were killed and, perhaps, eaten by the bear.”

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